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Exhibit Art Worcester Worcestershire

Exhibition space


Artist Open Call

At Fred's we love to celebrate and support local businesses around Worcester and have decided to invite local artists to exhibit with us every week, as a mini group exhibition. Our space has been designed to accommodate artwork with our clean, white interiors and lipped shelves, making it easy and safe to display and move about small - medium sized paintings. Not only would we display your artwork, you would be welcome to put up and artist bio and your businesses cards. We would also advertise you on our social media to help you gain exposure.

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All artwork displayed is subject to approval. If you would like to submit your work please email photos of what you would like to display at


£25 per artist to take part. This includes:

- 7 days of exhibiting (note: we are closed on Mondays)

- Up to 5 paintings (no bigger than 50cm in height)

- Keep 100% of the sales. 

- Advertisement on our social media

What you need to provide:

- Price tags

- Artist bio if you should want to display one

Come into Freds at 9am to meet with the team to get your paintings on the shelves and collect at 9am the following Sunday. We will put a red dot on any sold paintings and run this in an exhibition format rather than a gallery format, allowing you to take payment from buyer without any commission or VAT taken through our business. 

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