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Green 8oz reusable coffee cup

Green 8oz reusable coffee cup


Fred's of Worcester have collaborated with Cirularandco to bring you a sustainable reusable cup made from recyled takeaway coffee cups.


'Circular Cup is specifically designed to support a busylifestyle, it won’t let you down and can reliably becomepart of your everyday routine. Our sustainable travelmug is 100% leakproof and the simple push pushmechanism minimises spills and offers one hand ope.'


'100% leak proof - Circular Cup is completely leak proof. No more splashingyourself with a hot drink as you run for the train. You can carry your cup anywhere without spilling a drop and pop it into yourbag with confidence.


One handed opening - The innovative design of a Circular Cup makes it quick andeasy to open and close with one hand. Just one press to openand one press to close. Perfect when you’re on the go.


Full aroma - Circular Cup lets you enjoy the smell of coffee, which accordingto experts is 90% of the taste experience. You get the release ofcoffee aroma without the spills. Press open and drink like youwould from your favourite mug.


No fuss drinking - Circular Cup allows a 360 ̊ drinking experience, so you neverneed to locate a drinking hole or check which side to drinkfrom. Safe and convenient, to suit a busy lifestyle.


Insulated - Circular Cup is double wall insulated. It is comfortable to holdand will keep your drink warm or cold for up to 90 minutes.'

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